Published Work

"It was the summer of the jumpers. From every height they were falling: from rooftops, from bridges, from sharp cliffs onto vicious rock clusters that waited below with greedy crevices. Perhaps it was the heat that drove people to want to fly. The air was heavy with moisture, filling lungs with humidity and pressing in on skin. There wasn’t a single breeze to be found in the entire city. Maybe that’s why they flew."


The Penmen Review     14 December 2015

Lock Bridge; Cologne, Germany June 2011

Failure to Thaw

A Story in 100 Words      20 May 2016

"The funeral didn’t make her cry.

She had been given a frosty life, locked out of warmth."

Home; Marshall, NC February 2013


All Roads Will Lead You Home      September 2016

"Shadows of lives merge and run together
like an avalanche tearing down a mountain."

Andes Mountains; Ecuador April 2016

"Perspectives," "The Dancer," & "Sewing Lessons"

The Write Launch                         July 2017

Three poems. Four very different lives. 

Dance shoes in repose; August 2012

Emily Fox