Dear Past Me...

I spend a great deal of my time around teenagers. More specifically, I spend a lot of time around teenagers who apparently think I'm deaf. I hear everything: things that make me snort with laughter, things that make me sad, and things that are downright horrifying.

There's a reason that I yell at my classes to make good life decisions when they're leaving the room on Fridays.

The other week, our darling school social worker had the genius idea of doing a bulletin board called "Advice to my High School Self." Staff can write a blurb about what they would tell their teenage selves and post a picture from high school.

I'm a horrible procrastinator, so I just got my stuff to her yesterday (yay, snow days). It was hard to figure out what to write...and there's so much more that I could put in there, but that my kids (or my mom... *waves*) DON'T need to know about me. There's also a good chance that I'm a vampire, because I don't seem to have changed at all in the past 8 years. So much for finding a picture of me where I look different.

"Dear Emmy,

High school blows. But, believe it or not, it’s not the worst (can anything really be worse than middle school?). Bad days will keep coming, but if you let them overwhelm you, you’ll miss all of the awesome stuff that’s coming up (hint: better get a passport). Be with people who make you happy and who challenge you. It’s okay to have a breakdown every now and then (but let’s make them small ones, mmkay?), as long as you use it as a learning experience. Don’t be too afraid to leave and have new can always come back!

I know you’re quiet, but use some of that snark and sarcasm to help you come out of your shell. Not being good at math is not the end of the world, despite what Dad says; it’s perfectly okay to love books and musicals more than numbers. And making A’s on every test isn’t as important as living, though I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem with that once you go to college next year.

Don’t get a set idea in your head of what your life needs to be like. I promise it isn’t going to be anything like that (you’re definitely not going to be married by 22 to a college sweetheart, and you’ll probably never know what you want to do with your life). Your life will be unexpected and messy and infuriating...but also awesome and adventurous and breathtaking.

Oh, and keep the purple hair a little longer. Or do it again. Purple has no age limit.



What advice would you give your high school self?

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