147 days

Facebook just informed me that I haven't posted in 147 days.

(That is, I haven't posted on my "professional" page in 147 days. Any fool who thinks I haven't been on my personal Facebook in that long is sadly mistaken.)

147 days is a disgrace. I call myself a writer? I think I can bust through on social media? I think that, after 26 years, I can post something regularly? Ha! Think again, world! #lazyandforgetful

(Sorry, guys. I've been reading Anna Kendrick and I think she's in my brain. #spiritanimal)

So what has happened in 147 days?

In short, a lot.

Like, way too much to put here (not that you all care about the mundane ins and outs of waking up late, drinking cold coffee, and binge-watching Netflix series). But some cool things have happened.

My two best friends each have new(ish) babies, which is pretty neato if you like your friends and babies (which I do). The littlest nephew turned one today. My mom got to retire (go Mom!). We had Christmas, which was very warm, and then snow last weekend, which was very cold. My kids haven't killed me yet, nor I them. My friend Jenna and I defeated the Dark Lord in a mere seven hours...on Advanced! (#betterthanthechosenone) And my house is clean (sorta).

Also, this webpage just reloaded and I thought I lost everything I typed before this. Exciting life, right?

Anyway, 147 days later and it's a new year with a lot of new stuff. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it's going to be good or bad. I've given up on resolutions (if you say "goals" you can sound either much more adult or very hip with the kiddos). I'm just gonna do things that make me happy and try to keep myself alive.

And if anyone needs a Dark Lord to be vanquished, just give me and/or Jenna a call. Just sayin'. We're pretty good at it.

#AnnaKendrick #writing #babies #DarkLord

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